How to Protect Your Truth

Trokt's Blockchain Certified Email Portal writes your file's "digital thumbprint" to our neopublic blockchain - while YOU keep control of YOUR file

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Our Blockchain Certified Email portal allows you to ensure that any digital file - contract, music, artwork, sensitive document - can be validated at any time in the future. To do this, our Blockchain Certified Email form will process your file's digital thumbprint in a temporary folder, write the file's digital thumbprint to the Trokt blockchain, and confirm it was written by emailing the file to you with its thumbprint and location, before deleting our temporary copy of your file - Trokt DOES NOT keep a copy of your actual file. To use the Blockchain Certified Email form, just following these simple steps:

Enter in the email (within the highlighted text box) associated with your Trokt blockchain account.

Once entered, click the green “verify” button to send an email to the listed email address to verify and load your email address associated with your Trokt blockchain account.

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You will receive the above email in the inbox of the email address you provided. Check to make sure everything is correct. To verify the email address please click “here” and you will be redirected back to the certified email form.

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Once redirected back to the form, you should see your email address and current credit balance listed.

To upload the file you want to certify/verify, select the “choose file” button and select the file on your computer. 

After you select the appropriate file, you will have the option of choosing to either certify or verify your file. Each option provides a different service and has a different cost associated with it.

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If you have a new document you wish to protect using Trokt Blockchain certification, selecting “Certify” will allow you to create a new hash for the selected file and have that hash added to the blockchain.

The cost associated with certifying a file is 10 credits plus 1 additional credit per additional MB of file size. For example, if you have a 5MB file the cost associated would be 10 credits plus 4 additional credits for the file size. The total cost would be 14 credits to certify.

If you would like to include additional recipients of the confirmation email, please provide the email addresses in the following field. If multiple email addresses, please separate emails with a comma (,).

If you wish to include a note within the confirmation email, please input the note in this field.

Once you have all of the fields completed and you have enough credits to cover the cost, click the green “Certify” button to create the hash, put it on the Trokt Blockchain, and send a confirmation email to all the emails included.

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Once you have certified a file, an email will be sent to the certifier of the file as well as any email address CC’d to the certification. The email will provide the name of the hashed file, the note created by the certifier, and an attached copy of the file that was certified.

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Additionally, a document will be created within Trokt that will provide the data hash of the certified document as well as the location of said hash on the Trokt Blockchain.

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If the document you have selected has already been certified on the Trokt Blockchain and you wish to verify that document has not been modified or altered, selecting “Verify” will allow you to verify the document.

The cost associated with verifying a file is 1 credit per MB of file size. For example, if you have a 5MB file the total cost associated would be 5 credits to verify.

Once you have chosen to verify the file and you have enough credits to cover the cost, click the green “Verify” button to verify the hash of the associated file.

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After you click the “Verify” button, verification will be provided below. Verification will consist of the date and hash of said verification as well as the date and verified hash of the original document.

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Currently, the Trokt Blockchain is in private beta. If you wish to refer anyone to participate in the private beta, please go to and refer a friend by entering their email and a quick note to send them 100 free credits and receive an additional 10 credits for yourself!

As Digital Fakes Proliferate, Don't risk it... Trokt it!

For more information on how to use Trokt Blockchain Certified Email, or to learn how to purchase a Trokt node, please contact Trokt via email at