Protecting Digital Truth

Trokt's Blockchain Certified Email Portal is the first public application of Trokt's patent-pending, neopublic blockchain Network. Neopublic blockchains are the first opportunity to eliminate data fraud or forgery without comprising privacy or confidentiality. 

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Blockchain Certified Email is currently in Private Beta. To request access, please email

To learn more, please feel free to download our White Paper, Light Paper, or Intro Deck

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Trokt publicly stores the "digital thumbprint" of any file in its neopublic blockchain network so that any forgeries can be immediately identified. While this "digital thumbprint" can be seen by other network users, this data cannot be used to rebuild or retrieve the original file.

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Once Trokt saves this “digital thumbprint,” that file can be validated by anyone in an instant no matter where it is copied, shared, renamed, or stored – preserving chain of custody, no matter who has custody.

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While the word "blockchain" can raise many questions...

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We only do one thing, and we do it better than any alternative:

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For technologists who need to integrate an immutable record into their data management solutions, the Trokt neopublic blockchain Network is a simple, secure, and predictable option.

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Simple, secure, API-based code for quick integration

Ensures privacy by separating data and context

Conducts all transactions at known costs in US Dollars

As Digital Fakes Proliferate, Don't risk it... Trokt it!

For more information on how to use Trokt Blockchain Certified Email, or to learn how to purchase a Trokt node, please contact Trokt via email at