Certify Your Digital Property

Protect any digital file from forgery or fraud - permanently save any file's unique "digital thumbprint" using the Blockchain Certified Email form below.

As per our Terms of Service, Trokt does not store, mine, sell, or otherwise use any of YOUR data without YOUR permission.

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The Old Gold Standard

United States Postal Service Certified Mail has long been the most trusted method for proving possession of a legally sensitive document. If you mailed a document to yourself using Certified Mail, American Courts trust that the unopened contents are unaltered.

Digital Email Certification

In our "Email Age," Trokt Blockchain Certified Email provides immutable, independent evidence that the file in your email has not been altered in any way since the date it was sent. Instead of sending a file to yourself using Certified Mail, you can now email yourself a certified digital file using Trokt blockchain.

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Who Needs to Protect Themselves with Certification?

Average Americans often find themselves fighting to prove what they know is true, unless they have protected valuable documents.

Inventors. Certify your drawings, plans, or ideas to ensure creation can't be challenged

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Whistleblowers. Certify documents that indicate wrongdoing so you can be protected in Court

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Advocates. Certify client materials so they can be easily transferred between case workers

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Artists. Certify lyrics, artwork, or music so that you have evidence to copyright or trademark

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How Does Trokt Blockchain Certified Email Work?

Trokt Blockchain Certified Email performs the same functions as traditional USPS Certified Mail - even down to the "envelope!"

Select any file to certify using the Trokt Email Certification form


Trokt creates a unique hash of the file and adds it to the Trokt blockchain 

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This hash will be stored in a Trokt document and sent via email with the file attached

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Validate the document in the future by rehashing to prove it remains unaltered

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Who Controls the Trokt Blockchain?

The Trokt blockchain is not a cryptocurrency where you pay miners for coins, tokens, or to add your data. Trokt blockchain nodes that are setup and manged by Trokt to hold copies of the Trokt blockchain ledger are primarily owned by law firms across the United States. Each node owner is paid a portion of every Certification and Verification fee to cover node operation. For more information on purchasing a node, contact blockchain@trokt.org

Using Certified Mail

United States Postal Service Certified Mail is an add on service that anyone can purchase at any United States Post Office. To protect yourself using Certified Mail, a customer would need to:

Print or create a physical reproduction of the sensitive document

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Using Trokt Blockchain

Trokt Blockchain Certified Email mimics the exact process of Certified mail, yet can be completed with any digital file from your own home or mobile device as follows:


Leave the sensitive document or file in digital form

Purchase a USPS envelope if needed

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Store your materials in a Trokt document if you may not have ongoing access to your current email

Track shipment with a paper Certified Mail receipt

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Track inclusion of your document into the Trokt blockchain with the document hash and location

Prove your document is unaltered since you sent it by leaving it sealed until opened at the direction of the Court

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Prove your document is unaltered by either: 

  • Verifying it using Trokt or

  • Having a law firm with a Trokt node lookup your document hash


Trokt Blockchain Certified Email runs on credits that never expire, are associated with your email address, and can be transferred upon request. These Trokt Credits are the "Forever Stamp" of our Blockchain Certified Email portal. Once a user is logged in, she or he may purchase credits in bundles.

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50 Credits


250 Credits


5% Savings

500 Credits


10% Savings

1,000 Credits


15% Savings

As Digital Fakes Proliferate, Don't risk it... Trokt it!

For more information on how to use Trokt Blockchain Certified Email, or to learn how to purchase a Trokt node, please contact Trokt via email at blockchain@trokt.org